Alice in Wonderland Open Auditions

 AUGUST 26th, 2017 11:00am Alice in Wonderland Auditions
Performance Week: Feb. 12th-18th, 2018, Margo Jones Performance Hall, TWU – Denton, TX

Barton Hollow Dance Theater is looking for diverse, mature movers to be a part of their 2016/2017 season.  As a collective of artists, we aim to attract audiences from the North Texas region as well as quality dancers eager to be a part of a company where artistic individuality is valued.  Dancer’s skills range from classical ballet to aerial arts.  Our goal is to produce diverse shows with a wide range of artistic skills that grabs the community’s attention and makes them excited to watch dance.  BHDT is made of professionally trained dancers who are dedicated to dance arts and sharing their artistic visions with their company members and community. All Rights Reserved ©

BHDT is looking for youth, pre-professional and professional dancers, as well as aerial performers to join our second annual Alice in Wonderland production.  Paid positions available. Those interested in auditioning for lead roles will be able to place their selections on their audition forms.  Mad Hatter Tap auditions will be held at a separate time and must have tap shoes to participate.  All dancers must bring ballet shoes. Pointe shoes are not required, but strongly desired.  $20 Audition fee required.  Non-professional level dancers will require a $195 performance fee due January 15th.  Please see below for additional information.

ALICE in WONDERLAND Audition Info:

11:00am – Ages 15-18, Boys & Girls

12:00 – Ages 18 & Up, Pre-professional & Professional Male & Female Dancers

1:30 – Mad Hatter Tap Audition, Advanced & Professional Level Male & Female Dancers

2:30 – Ages 8-12, Boys & Girls

3:30 – Ages 12-14, Boys & Girls

4:30 – Aerial Silks Audition, Level 2 and Up (Int-Advanced)

Pre-Professional & Professional Audition Requirements:
* Must be at least 18 years of age to audition.
* Must have pre-professional dance experience.
* Must have a professional attitude and appearance.  Ex: Hair pulled away from face. Leotard, tights, and appropriate shoes.  Ballet skirts allowed.  Men, please bring ballet shoes and wear appropriate fitted clothing for ballet.
* Must provide a resume, headshot, and two brief letters of recommendation.

* Must attend advanced level ballet company classes twice a week at CBA.

Audition Process:
1.5 hour audition will begin with ballet barre followed by choreography.

Mad Hatter Audition: 1 hour tap choreography session.  Please arrive warmed up.

Youth Dancer Requirements

* Must be at least 7 years of age to audition.
* Must have prior dance experience.
* Must be prepared to attend outside rehearsals aside from technique classes.
* Must enroll in ballet technique class at CBA to participate in Alice in Wonderland. * Dancers 15-18 may be asked to stay for the pre-professional and professional auditions.

Audition Process:
Youth auditions will begin with 15 minute ballet barre followed by a 45 minute choreography session.

Competitive Company Auditions

Competitive Company Auditions – Sunday June 4th, 4:00-7:00pm

KINETIC Dance Company© and AUTHENTIX© Hip-Hop Crew is for the more serious and dedicated dancer. Our Competitive dancers are made up of the studio’s top talent and involves an intensive program of the highest quality. VDC’s competition company gives dancers the opportunity to experience a team environment and build memories that will last a lifetime with their competition family. Our competition team attends a minimum of 4 competitions and 2 conventions each year.

What to Expect:
Dancers will be broken into groups and ages and taught a combination in Ballet, Contemporary, & Jazz.  AUTHENTIX crew will audition at the end and are required to participate in the jazz portion of the audition. Present yourself professionally with the proper attire, shoes, and hair for each technique.  For example: tights, leotard, and hair in bun for ballet.  Dancers and casting will be selected and announced the following day.

Please contact if you would like information about being a part of our company.

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